About Us

Arborwear started as arborists — folks that take care of trees. Back then, there were two types of trousers for tree work: canvas work trousers or rock climbing trousers. Canvas trousers were too stiff, never fit very well and restricted our movement. Rock climbing trousers on the other hand, allowed free movement, but sure didn't hold up well to tree work… Not to mention they cost an arm and a leg.

Arborwear's solution was to marry the two and make a comfortable canvas work trouser that you could actually move in. A trousers that fit well, held up on the job, and cost less than a case of chain oil. After many prototypes and on-the-job testing, wthey finally made some things they liked. Truth is, they found other folks liked them too — not just arborists. The features that make otheir clothes great for tree work are the same for any demanding work environment or lifestyle. We're not about bells and whistles… just the necessities that work.

Making honest, hardworking clothing remains our passion. Each of our innovative, free-moving designs are made using heavy-duty fabrics. We don't test our clothes in some fancy lab…. But personally from the tops of trees to dragging brush on the ground. The result is something you can trust day in and day out. Put yours to the test the same way we do — one leg at a time.

Arborwear UK & Arborwear EU are the official distributors of the Arborwear range in the UK & Europe.