Sizing Info

Clothing Size Charts
Measurements are in inches. When measuring, keep tape snug but not tight.

Men's Tops Size Chart
Size Neck Chest Sleeve
XS 13 - 13½ 30 - 32 31½ - 32
S 14 - 14½ 34 - 36 32½ - 33
M 15 - 15½ 38 - 40 33½ - 34
L 16 - 16½ 42 - 44 34½ - 35
XL 17 - 17½ 46 - 48 35½ - 36
2XL 18 - 18½ 50 - 52 36½ - 37
3XL 19 - 19½ 54 - 56 37 - 37½
4XL 20 - 20½ 58 - 60 37½ - 38
Women's Tops Size Chart
Size Bust Sleeve
S 32 - 34 30
M 34 - 36 31
L 36 - 38 32
XL 38 - 40 33
2XL 40 - 42 34
3XL 42 - 44 35

Neck: Measure around the base of the neck allowing for a comfortable fit, or measure a shirt collar that fits you well. To measure a shirt, lay collar flat and measure from button to button hole at the far end.
Chest: With arms relaxed at sides, measure around the largest part of the chest and shoulder blades.
Sleeves: Measure from center back at neck base, along shoulder and down arm to wrist with a slightly bent elbow.

Men's bottoms Size Chart

Size 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44
Waist 27-28 29-30 31-32 33-34 35-36 37-38 38-40 41-42 43-44

Women's bottoms Size Chart

US Size 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
Approx UK Size 8 10 12 14 16   18
Waist 29" 30" 31" 32" 33" 34" 35"
Hips 36 38 39 40 41 42 44

PLEASE NOTE! All clothing is supplied in american sizes. When ordering, order the equivalent american size you require.

Waist: Measure around waist at narrowest point.
Inseam: Measure from base of crotch down inside of leg to desired pant length.


The Arborwear Fit
100% Cotton Canvas Bottoms
All cotton bottoms are pre-washed to control residual shrinkage. Sizing runs true or just a hair on the big side. In a perfect world, we shoot for a 1/2" over ticketed measurements, i.e. a 32x32 would optimally measure 32 1/2 x 32 1/2 . We are militant about our tolerances and thoroughly audit all cuts to try to prevent out-of-tolerance garments from shipping to our customers. If an individual's waist and inseam measure 32x32, then he or she would order our 32x32s. Because we only manufacture even waists and inseams, an individual falling between waist sizes will need to order up or down. Our trousers generally don't shrink after home laundering, and will actually loosen up a bit while being worn. If an individual prefers their pants to fit on the looser side and they happen to fall between even waist sizes, it's best for them to order up a size. If they prefer their trousers on the closer fitting side and fall between even waist sizes, it's best for them to order down.

Synthetic Bottoms
Our synthetic trousers and shorts run true to size (just like our cotton bottoms). The primary difference between our cotton and synthetic styles is the fact that Nylon does not have the tendency to stretch like cotton, so individuals who have odd waist measurements are best to order up a size (i.e. a 33" waist would order a 34). Though Nylon will not shrink, it is highly recommended that trousers are dried on low, as per our care instructions. High dryer heat can singe the Nylon fibers, causing them to draw-up or in, like a shrinkydink.

100% Cotton Twill & Canvas Tops
All of our cotton tops are pre-washed to control residual shrinkage. All shirt styles fit true, i.e. if you normally wear an XL, then order XL. Sleeves and shirt tails are cut a hair longer than most brands.

100% Cotton Canvas Jackets & Vests
Just like our shirts, our cotton outerwear styles are cut true to size. People should order their normal size. If you are between sizes, it's best to order up.

100% Cotton Sweatshirts
The Arborwear sweatshirt is cut to fit in a streamlined fashion. Most sweatshirts are not preshrunk, so they seem really big and baggy when they are tried on prior to laundering. After a dozen or so home launderings, they wind up shrinking down quite a bit. Our sweatshirts will exhibit very little, if any residual shrinkage. Our Double-Thick Sweatshirt may feel tight as it is pulled on because the double thick layers of cotton fleece don't stretch quite as much as a single-thick style. Once on, our Double-Thick Sweatshirt will loosen up. Our sweatshirts are designed to be streamlined, with a minimal amount of excess fabric to get in your way. Despite this fact, the fit allow for a maximum range of motion and is very comfortable. If an individual prefers a big, baggy sweatshirt, then it is recommended that they order up a size.